Top 5 Ps4 Games





ps4 ps4/

Persona 5

Currently the top game of 2k17 it was give 93 on meta score you should try it out yourself it's an adventure game you're role-playing as a assasin you kill knights that are possessed in a castle and travel to other places

link for gameplay


undertale undertale/


Currently the second most high rated game on the media because of it's score it was give 92 due to it's mix emotions of sadness and you get to experience it throught it's great plot in the story.

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final/ XIV/

Final Fantasy XIV

This is third top rated game on it has a whopping 89 and has beautiful cover art it was rated high because of it's intense gameplay and online multiplayer so that you can play with your friends try it out !!

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horizeon horizon/

Horizon Zero Dawn

This was the 4th top game having the same meta score as Stormblood has amazing graphics it takes you to adventure worlds fighting robotic monsters!!!

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edit fitch/

Edit Finch

In last place/5th we have the game called: Edit Finch it's a mystery and random game where you can be a squid and explore haunted houses and mansions check it out yourself it has a rating of 88 in it's meta score

link for gameplay

final/ same/

These are the top 5 games